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What is a treatment like?

CFT is a form of bodywork that uses gentle touch to locate areas of fascial tightness.  The client remains fully dressed for the treatment while the practitioner gently palpates areas of the body for fascial strain.  Because the body needs to be actively moved or “unwound” to release the areas of tightness, it is highly recommended to wear loose- fitting, comfortable clothing to your sessions. We also advise our clients to avoid eating heavy meals just prior their treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

Every person’s strain level varies and is individually based on his/her unique history.  Each session releases fascial strain in “layers.”  Some individuals may have many layers of strain to their fascial system causing them a particular problem and others may have just a few superficial layers. Individuals who have less severe fascial strain will need fewer sessions in order to resolve a condition.

Additionally, infants and children heal and rebalance quicker than adults, thus needing fewer sessions.

In general, sessions begin weekly or every other week, then taper as needed for any age.  We are always happy to discuss the individualized treatment plans with all of our clients.

Why does my baby/toddler cry during the treatment?

CFT/IDM (Infant Driven Movement) techniques are extremely gentle and non-invasive. Sometimes babies and toddlers cry during treatment to communicate feelings of frustration and confusion.   If a baby is already uncomfortable from conditions such as colic or reflux, this baby is naturally going to communicate its discomfort by crying.

During a session, the practitioner gently feels for fascial restrictions in the infant’s body. The infant then “drives” his/her movement by bending, arching, flexing, and twisting while the practitioner follows and supports the infant until the soft tissue releases. CFT techniques never involve adjustments or force manipulations.

We encourage all parents/caregivers to become active with their child’s treatment to help comfort and convey trust. The parent/caregiver may hold, nurse, or carry the child in a wrap or sling during a CFT/IDM treatment. Feel free to bring along a favorite toy or blanket. Some children are comforted by having a familiar object from home.

We provide many breaks during a treatment to allow for quiet time with parents/caregivers.  If at any time a parent or caregiver decides that his/her child needs a break, we encourage the parent/caregiver to communicate this with the therapist. The parents/caregivers can assume control over the pace of the session.

What changes can I expect after treatment?

Since each person’s body heals differently, clients can experience healing responses that are unique to another person’s response.

As the body structurally shifts during the therapy process, the changes can be uncomfortable. Sometimes toxins that have accumulated in the body’s tissues are released during and after therapy. This can create temporary discomfort until they are completely eliminated.

General healing responses can include:

  • Headache
  • Body aches
  • Fatigue
  • Regression or worsening of symptoms
  • Mood changes
  • Fussiness in babies and children

Any healing responses or changes that occur from session to session are valuable to note.  A change, whether it is negative or positive, shows that the body is responding to treatment and is in the process of healing.

Each person heals within his/her own space and time. In general, structural changes from a CFT treatment can be immediately seen after one treatment or take several weeks of treatments.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash and checks are accepted forms of payment.  Credit card payments and insurance billing are not available at this time.