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CFT for Infants

At Beginnings Family Wellness Center, we specialize in CFT/IDM for infants.  While birth is a miraculous and wonderful event, physical and emotional traumas can occur to an infant during the fetal stages and during the labor and delivery process. We believe that CFT/IDM can safely and gently diminish these effects within the first minutes of life, therefore, preventing many diseases, as well as optimizing brain function.

Beginnings Family Wellness Center, with Dr. Barry Gillespie, conducted an extensive non-profit research (2008-2013) involving the safety and effectiveness of CFT/IDM for infants. We hoped to validate our beliefs that CFT/IDM could, in fact, relieve "common" infant conditions and ultimately prevent other childhood conditions such as asthma, earaches, and more. Our CFT team evaluated and treated over 500 infants from North America and Mexico. In the five years of our research, CFT/IDM not only reduced the symptoms of colic, reflux, chronic gas and constipation, breastfeeding issues, arching, and strabismus, but also in most cases, eliminated it. In the same way, we discovered several other conditions like stridor and pyloric stenosis and they were likewise eliminated with CFT/IDM therapy.

With 332 babies completing the CFT research protocol, we found that the infant standard of care is redefined.

Healthier Babies: CFT decreases the occurrence of many infant conditions. One hundred percent of the treated infants had their breastfeeding issues resolved, 100% no longer had symptoms of colic, 92% no longer suffered from gas, 43% were relieved from constipation, 85% no longer had reflux/gagging/vomiting, 100% no longer arched or were stiff, and 96% were cleared of strabismus. Additionally, CFT given immediately at birth can prevent the incidence of these conditions.

Intelligent Babies: CFT optimizes the function of the central nervous system.

Happy babies: CFT releases tightness in the infant’s body leaving a more relaxed and happier child.

Click here to read complete research article, “A Study Investigating the Effectiveness and Safety of the Baby Brain Score/Craniosacral Fascial Therapy/Infant Driven Movement (BBS/CFT/IDM) Model for Infants”.

 All Babies Can Be This Happy!

While CFT is beneficial at any age, it is our mission to educate and provide CFT/IDM so that all newborns can receive this gentle, non-invasive, and non-pharmaceutical method of healing.

 Thank you for your interest and support.