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Michael and Kristen are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work directly with Dr. Gillespie in the Infant Research Study.  They share his passion in bringing CFT/IDM to infants everywhere and hope that all babies have the opportunity to receive the benefits this powerful therapy has to offer.

Dr. Barry Gillespie | The Gillespie Approach

Our entire family has benefited from receiving CFT from Michael and Kristen over the last five years. After receiving CFT, my three-year-old son was relieved from all of his earaches. He also received CFT shortly after a bad fall, which completely alleviated the discomfort from his shoulder.

CFT helped my older son with mood and energy levels. Prior to receiving his last treatment, he was lethargic and disinterested in eating. Within, 24 hours of his treatment, he was back to his normal happy self.

We have all received the benefits of CFT has to offer and highly recommend it to other families.
— R.K. Paradise, PA